Ingo Perpeet is a master dental technician in Heiligenhaus, a job he has done with passion for over 30 years. The dental laboratory employs around 30 people.

In close cooperation with dental practices, it produces high-quality, quasi-artistic dentures that look like a miracle of nature. The team works with cutting-edge materials and equipment and employs the very latest practices.

A customer that has been right for us since 2014.


Brief: Create an image brochure.

Objective: Present the services of the dental laboratory to attract new customers.

Solution: In addition to the very open and modern design, this project is particularly impressive in terms of its production. The premium feel begins with the format: 150 x 297 mm instead of simply A4. Fold-out pages were then added to place large-scale photos. A special insert was created for shipping; for VIP customers, the brochure could be placed in an exclusively created box with integrated writing utensils.