Rego Herlitzius GmbH in Wuppertal produces and sells modern bread slicing machines as well as beating, mixing, kneading, and cream cooking machines for industry and trade. A company steeped in tradition, Rego Herlitzius knows the different production steps from efficient cutting, stirring, dough shaping, to cooking, beating and kneading very well. Its products are not only popular in Germany, and exports cover countries everywhere from Europe to Asia.

A customer that has been right for us since 2009.


Brief: Design a website.

Objective: Clearly present the products and effectively target the different audiences.

Solution: Based on the new corporate design we developed shortly before, a full website was created in 2 languages – German and English. Clear categorisation of the products makes it easy to find the desired information quickly. At the same time, products can be selected by industry, making it easier for the user to make a choice.




Mechanical engineering