For over 35 years, EMS has been a reliable partner in all safety engineering matters in the corporate environment. The team led by owner Olaf El Sherif specialises in the field of ‘machine safety,’ covering all aspects of the Machinery Directive, the Product Safety Act, and the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health. The focus is on the core topics of occupational safety, machine safety, fire protection, technical inspections, training/seminars, and individual projects.

A customer that has been right for us since 2017.


Brief: Create a homepage.

Objective: Create a website that highlights the personal customer service provided by EMS.

Solution: As a basis, the employees were photographed with the support of our partner, photographer Christian Seel. Based on the logo and corporate design we created, these photos then formed the visual core of the website. Technical realisation as a one-pager allows quick access to all information by scrolling.


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