TÜNKERS is an innovative mechanical engineering specialist based in Ratingen. The family-owned company has grown from being a purely mechanical engineering business and is now a global player in automation technology. TÜNKERS invents, designs, produces, and sells all its products itself.

Its international sales network, with subsidiaries worldwide, covers all key countries with high sales potential for automation technology. These include the USA, Mexico, Brazil, China, the United Kingdom, France, and Spain.

A customer that has been right for us since 1999.


Brief: Image advertising in selected trade journals.

Objective: Boost awareness of the Tünkers brand.

Solution: The basis of the media campaign is the selection of trade journals that we create each year to reach the Tünkers audience. In addition to traditional advertisements, full-page advertorials and supplements are also included in the planning. Continuous ad placements in the selected journals ensure consistent advertising impact that strengthens the brand.


Media & PR


Mechanical engineering